European Roulette: Rival vs Dragon Gaming

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European Roulette

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European Roulette

At the Sports and Casino gambling website, players can choose between two different versions of European Roulette software. The more well-known Rival game software allows the player to “play now” without the need for registration or any downloads. Whereas the Dragon Gaming European Roulette game requires a deposit.

But are there actually any real differences between the two European Roulette games? Let’s take a look below and you can decide for yourself which one you would prefer to play.


Rival European Roulette Table Layout

I love the bright blue table layout in the Rival game

Dragon Gaming European Roulette Table Layout

The green color scheme is not my favorite, however, I like the added elements of this Dragon gaming table

Bet Types and Payouts

In addition to a summarized payout schedule, Dragon Gaming includes a more descriptive betting table

Both European Roulette software games have the identical and standard rates. As with many roulette tutorials, you will sometimes find different terminology used for the name of the bet type. Experienced players know what each of those terms indicate. However beginning players will often get confused at the different names used for the bet types. Here are the most common ones used:

  • Six number combination = Line
  • Four number combination = Corner
  • Three number combination = Street
  • Two number combination = Split
  • Any one number = Straight

Bet Payouts

1 to 181:1
19 to 361:1
1 to 122:1
13 to 242:1
25 to 362:1
Six number combination / Line5:1
0, 1, 2, 3 combination*6:1
Four number combination / Corner8:1
Three number combination / Street11:1
Two number combination / Split17:1
Any one number / Straight35:1
* The Dragon Gaming roulette software
does not include a 6:1 bet payout

Recap and Player Rating

Rival GamingDragon Gaming
Player Rating4.5 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
Free Play$2,000
Table Max Bet$500$500
Outside Bets$1 to $200
Inside Bets$1- to $500
Undo buttonyes
Clear all bets buttonyes

Usually, a true test of the popularity of a particular game is shown in the player ratings. However, these two games have very similar high ratings. The Rival game edged out the Dragon gaming version by a slight margin.

This may well be because the Rival game can be played in “free play “try it” “demo mode”. However, it also has handy “undo” and “clear all” buttons. In my opinion they are of equal value and would be sure to function perfectly well for all players.

Both the Rival and Dragon Gaming European Roulette merit playing!

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