Why You Should Be Playing French Roulette & Avoid European Roulette


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Why  Play French Roulette? French Roulette is the best roulette game for advantage players with the lowest house edge even money bets of 1.35% – when the ball lands on zero. It is better than European Roulette’s 2.7% house edge and certainly better than American Roulette’s 5.26% house edge.

Why Live French Roulette? With Live Dealer French Roulette, you can experience some of the thrills of a real casino through live-streaming games. For some people, there is more security of mind provided with live croupiers versus computerized software outcomes. And even with today’s sophisticated technology, a biased wheel can help players win even more!

Where Can You Play French Roulette? French Roulette for real money play is available only to international players at online casinos that offer  Live Dealer games or online computer software games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Evoplay, BGaming, and a few others.

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Finding French Roulette

Because this roulette version includes bets with the lowest house edge and a special bets table, it is much harder to find online than other roulette game versions. However, there are quality online casinos that offer Live Dealer as well as software-based French Roulette games.

Roulette is a very popular game and has spawned many variations. Our posts on the Leo Vegas Casino, and others include an overview of their Live French Roulette games in addition to the other software-based roulette games offered to international players.

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What IS French Roulette LIVE

Live dealer French Roulette games are actual land-based games streamed over the internet to betting players all over the world.

French Roulette Game SOFTWARE

Various software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evoplay, and BGaming develop French Roulette software that is licensed to online casino sites for gamblers all over the world.

How To Play

French Roulette is played like any roulette game except for two very special circumstances.

  • In French Roulette, there is an added oval-shaped betting table called the racetrack which follows the roulette wheel numbering sequence. In the middle are four special bets that give players access to multiple combinations of numbers that relate to their position on the wheel. Players can simply click on the Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins du Zero, Les Orphelins, or Jeu Zero special bets icons to automatically place bets these strategy bets.
  • The La Partage and En Prison rules give even money bets a 1.35 house edge, the lowest in any roulette game.

For specific details, payouts and other bet strategies in French Roulette check out our posts listed below.

The Game

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How To Win Live French Roulette

The optimal strategy to win French roulette is with a live game and a roulette wheel bias. These occasions do not occur often, but when they do, astute players can really take advantage of the situation.

What To Avoid

Do not play European roulette. Take advantage of the lower house edge in French Roulette. Unless your play does not include even money bets, you are giving up an advantage that will cost you!

Where To Bet

The Race Track Betting table contains the optimal elements needed to take advantage of a biased wheel. The numbering sequence follows the roulette wheel and the four special bets are location-based making it the obvious choice for playing and winning Live French Roulette with a wheel bias.

On the roulette wheel, the numbers for even money bets are staggered in an alternating fashion making it less likely to isolate a winning color or value. However, a wheel bias will favor a section of the roulette wheel.

How To Win French Roulette Software

Software-based French roulette games are designed with random number generators to select winning numbers. There is no such thing as a wheel bias with a computerized game. In order to win on French roulette software, players need to adjust their playing and betting strategy.

How To Bet

All casino games are designed with a house edge which gives the casino a mathematical certainty of winning over the long term. However, short-term wins are normal. To be able to win more than probability would indicate, players must take advantage of those short-term winning situations.

The best way to do that is to increase your bets when you are ahead of the game. It is true that you can beat the casino when you are playing with their money and not yours. With slight increases in your normal bet amounts, you can win more.

Negative progression betting strategies like the Martingale system are proven to be the most very ineffective strategy. A positive progressive betting strategy like the Paroli System is more likely to produce more winning than losing sessions.

After a few wins, increase your bet by whatever amount feels comfortable. In this way, you will end up winning more than you would have with identical bet amounts.

What To Play

The La Partage and En Prison rules in French Roulette give even money bets the lowest house edge of any bet in any roulette game. Any one of the even-money bets is ideal for playing a conservative positive progressive betting strategy.

Money Management

I actually do not have any faith in any betting system or strategy. I prefer to look at it as effective money management. Negative progression betting systems always involve high risk for little rewards. Positive progression betting is more conservative because you are not increasing bets with your money.

Betting and Playing Strategy

Players can experiment with their own betting strategies based on their personal likes and preferences for risk vs enjoyment. A basic paroli system as follows is my top suggestion for a positive progression money management strategy.

Option 1

  • A starting bet of $5 per spin
  • Increase your bet to $10 after the first win
  • Increase your bet to $15 after a second win
  • Return to a basic bet of $5 per spin

Option 2

  • A starting bet of $5 per spin
  • Increase your bet to $10 after the first win
  • Increase your bet to $20 after a second win
  • Return to a basic bet of $5 per spin

When you are playing Live French Roulette simply follow the suggestions for the software-based games until you find a biased wheel. And please remember that no betting system or strategy is guaranteed to win every time unless someone is actively cheating.

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