Bets Payouts and Layouts in French Roulette

French, European and and American Roulette have all the same bet payouts, but they do not have the same player odds.

A true French Roulette game has the La Partage rule providing a lower house edge on even money bets. It also has four special bets which can be placed on an added racetrack shaped board.

The use of the French Language is based in the games origin, but does not affect the basic game play.

French Roulette

Outside Bets

Outside bets are located on the outer perimeter of the main roulette table layout. In French Roulette you will find the best roulette odds on the even money outside bets.

Even Money Bets

The most basic bet choice is to place a bet with the best chance of winning. The three even money bets are where players get the lowest house edge in roulette. Located on the top and bottom rows of the main table.

  • With the La Partage rule, when the ball lands on zero, instead of losing the entire amount, players can receive one half of their bet back.
  • Or if the game version allows it and the player opts to do so using the En Prison rule, the entire bet can be played forward to the next spin.

These two rules are unique to French Roulette and give players the best odds advantage with the lowest house edge of 1.35%

Rouge/Noir – Red/Black =  Choose your bet by color, Pays 1:1, House edge 1.35%, Probability 49.325%

Pair/Impair – Even/Odd = Make a bet based on a mathematical condition, Pays 1:1, House edge 1.35%, Probability 49.325%

Passe/Manque – High/Low =  Bet on half of the numbers with the highest numbers from 19 to 36 or the lowest numbers from 1 to 18, Pays 1:1, House edge 1.35%, Probability 49.325%

Two to One Bets

It is easy to place bets on one third of the numbers all at once by simply picking a column or dozens bets.

Douzaine – Dozen bet = Pick the first, second or third set of 12 numbers. Pays 2:1, House edge 2.7%, Probability 32.4%. Sometimes located at the end of each column or right below the column bets. Always indicated as either P12, M12 and D12.

  • P12 – Premiere – First dozen = Bet on all of the numbers from 1 to 12
  • M12 – Milieu – Second dozen = Bet on all of the numbers from 13 to 24
  • D12 – Derniere – Third dozen = Bet on all of the numbers from 25 to 36

Colonne – Column Bet = Pick one of the three columns each containing twelve numbers. Pays 2:1, House edge 2.7%, Probability 32.4%. Located at the right end of the line of the individual numbers. Sometimes they are the last in the line and sometimes, as above, they are located in between the individual numbers and the dozen bets.

  • First column – contains the numbers Red 1, Black 4, Red 7, Black 10, Red 13, Black 16, Red 19, Black 22, Red 25, Black 28, Red 31, Black 34,
  • Second column – contains the numbers Black 2, Red 5, Black 8, Red 11, Black 14, Red 17, Black 20, Red 23, Black 26, Red 29, Black 32, Red 35,
  • Third column – contains the numbers  Red 3, Black 6, Red 9, Black 12, Red 15, Black 18, Red 21, Black 24, Red 27, Black 30, Red 33, Black 36,

Inside Bets

Inside bets have nothing to do with insider knowledge. They merely refer to their location on the game layout and are bets on of the 37 individual numbers from 0 to 36!

These inside bets give players numerous opportunities to develop and test individual betting strategies bets which gives roulette it’s particular brand of  excitement and mystique different from all other card and table games.

Plein – Straight bet = Choose a single number by placing a bet in the center of any number from 0 to 36, Pays 35:1, Probability 2.70%
Cheval – Split bet = Choose two numbers by placing a bet on the line between any two numbers, Pays 17:1, Probability 5.41%
Transversale Pleine – Street bet = Choose three numbers in a row by placing a bet on the outside line of any row, Pays 11:1, Probability 8.11%
Trio = Bet on 0 and two connecting numbers with a bet on 0, 1 & 2 or a bet on 0, 2 & 3, Pays 11:1, Probability 8.11%
Carre – Corner bet – Square = Choose four numbers, by placing a bet on the intersection of any four numbers, Pays 8:1, Probability 10.81%
Quatre Premier – First Corner = Bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3, Pays 8:1, Probability 10.81%
Transversale Simple – Line bet  = Choose six numbers by placing a bet the on the intersection of two adjacent rows , Pays 5:1, Probability 16.2%

These are the primary standard terms used in the game of roulette.

As in any casino game, there are numerous other slang and terms used with variations by country, language, locality and culture. Feel free to create your own! That is part of the fun!


The Racetrack

The racetrack betting table is an integral part of all French Roulette games. This is where players can make so called “French Strategy Bets”.

Discover more about these interesting added bet types on our special bets post. These Les Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, Jeu Zero and Voisins du Zero bets add a mechanism for bets covering various sections of the roulette wheel.

Most betting strategies are based on the main betting table layout. But the racetrack tabel is idea for Live roulette games with a potential wheel bias.

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