Online Roulette * 7 Bet Strategy * makes good money daily [play and win at roulette]

“Thіѕ Rоulеttе 5 Bet Sуѕtеm wоrkѕ fіnе in this саѕіnоѕ: Europa ▻▻▻ Wunderino ▻▻▻ Dublinbet ▻▻▻ Casino Club.”

Video Recap

7 Bet StrategyThe 7 Bet System is betting on 7 numbers with only two bets by placing two corner bets. The first bet covers 16,17, 19 and 20 while the second bet covers 20, 21, 23 and 24.  This system follows a D’Alembert Betting strategy.

The basics of his system are

  • Start with a one chip bet on these two spots
  • Increase bet by one chip after every loss
  • Decrease the number of chips bet on each spot by 5 after every win
  • Always bet one chip bet spot
  • Continue playing the system until you have won your desired amounts

The channel has only 4 video uploads. The links to the website are “dead”. All that remains active are the bitly shortened urls. Looks like a reasonable approach after watching the video, but the “channel life” speaks volumes as to it’s effectiveness.


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