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Roulette Tricks

Roulette Tricks

All roulette players look for roulette tricks to help them win more money more often. There really are some basic actions that you can take if you want to win more money!

In addition to my Top 5 Tricks below, I also add some “no so real tricks” that you may have heard or read about  elsewhere. Live all systems and strategies you should approach them with caution and an attitude of “buyer beware”.

Pick The Right Game

The main roulette game variations are American, European and French Roulette. The house edge in American roulette is 5.26% compared to a 2.70% house edge for European and French Roulette.

Trick #1. Do not play American roulette.

Even Money Bets

Even money bets pay out at a 1 to 1 ratio because they are the easiest bets to wins. These bets include red/black, high/low and even/odd.

Trick #2. Place even money bets if you like to win more often. You may not win more money, but you should have almost as many wins as losses.

Exploit Favorable Rules

Only French Roulette has the La Partage and En Prison rules for even money bets as well as the racetrack bet table. The rules are the magic trick that reduces the house edge to 1.35%. The lowest house edge of any bet in roulette.

Trick #3. If you place even money bets, stick to playing French Roulette for the best odds. You will win more than than you would on American and European Roulette.

Exploit Game Weaknesses

Software based roulette games includes an accurate random number generator to select winning numbers.

Live roulette games use a mechanical roulette wheel which may not always produce pure random winners due to manufacturing defects, deficiencies in installation & operation as well as normal wear & tear.

The history of winning numbers can point out misalignments and other “wheel biases” that you could take advantage of to win more than statically normal.

French Roulette is the only roulette game that include a “racetrack” betting table designed around the numbers on the roulette wheel.

The special bets table in French Roulette includes four classic bets that are ideally suited to placing table bets on numbers as they relate to their position on the roulette wheel.

Trick #4. Places special bets in Live French roulette when there is a roulette wheel bias.

Roulette Hacks

Classic French Roulette games are not available to USA Players. However, you can easily HACK your way to getting all benefits of French Roulette with these two simple hacks.

  • Play European Roulette that includes the Favorable French Rules
  • Play European Roulette that includes the Racetrack bet layout

The posts “Real Money French Roulette – Hacks“, “French Strategy Bets – Racetrack Bets” and “NG European Roulette – With Hamburg Variant – Lowest Roulette House Edge” explains it more in detail. But if you are HOT for it now, BetOnline and the Wild Casino  has roulette with Hamburg Variant rules and Gossip Slots has roulette with the racetrack layout.

Trick #5. If you cannot find French Roulette, look for European Roulette with the Hamburg variant or a racetrack betting layout.


More Roulette Tricks and Tips

How To Win

On the home page I summarize for you What To Avoid, Where To Bet, How To Bet, What To Play, Money Management and my preferred Betting & Playing Strategy.

I prefer a positive progressive paroli system that increase bets after wins. It is also similar to a modified reverse martingale betting system.

There are many opinion and facts about playing French Roulette and these are my mine which reiterate my top four tricks listed above.

Betting Strategies Types

On my “French Roulette Q&A” page, I summarize “What Betting Strategies Are Used In French Roulette?”.

These include progressive betting strategies like Martingale, flat progressive betting strategies like D’Alembert and non-progressive betting strategies like the “hidden even chance bet system”.

  • Progressive Strategies – Bet values double
  • Flat Progressive Strategies – Bet values fluctuate according the system rules
  • Non Progressive Strategies – Bets are placed on numbers indicated in the strategy

Positive progressive systems change bets after wins, while negative progressive systems change bets after losses.

When you are analyzing a betting strategy promoted by anyone, it helps if you can put them into broad groups like this. None of these will negate the long term house edge.

Labouchere Betting System

The flat negative progression Labouchere betting system is a strategy that players can use to try to win a set amount of money per game session.

In essence, players first figure out how much they want to win and then come up with a set of bet amounts that equal that amount.

My post “Labouchere Roulette Betting System Explained Simply and in Detail” simplifies this system and show how easily you can win and lose with this strategy.

Betway Tricks

In my post “Using Betway Roulette Tricks to Win in French Roulette“, I have reviewed “tricks” from their blog. They include Cover The Table Betting System, 666 Betting System, Shotwell Betting System and the 3/2 Betting System.

However, those tricks do not mean that you will win more often. They are merely some of the ways that many people have tried and used to gain an advantage over the statistical realities of roulette.

35 Built-In Strategy Bets

In our “Strategy Betting Made Easy” (Part 1/Part 2 /Part 3 ) post we explain and show 35 different  strategy bets that you can make with one click in the NetEnt French Roulette software from casino like Leo Vegas and others.

These are in addition to the 4 main classic special bets that are standard in every “true” game of French Roulette.

Malformed Separators

Our “Find A Loose Fret and Rejoice” post highlights this type of wheel bias in a “tongue in cheek” manner to enforce the idea some of the simplest things can cause a malfunctioning game. The reasons why there is a roulette wheel bias  are not as important as identifying that there is a wheel bias that you can use to your advantage.

Hidden Even Chance Bet

In “Betway French Roulette with RKG The Roulette App” we summarize the “Hidden Even Chance Bet” or “Secret Even Chance Bet” strategy.

With the aid of some simple software, this trick keeps track of winning numbers until there are 18 numbers left that have not won.

This system suggests that it is now the time to bet on those numbers that haven’t won because they are now “due to win”.

In short term situations, it can hold true. But it risks a lot of money for a small win.

The Big Number Strategy

With the “big number strategy” players attempt to repeat wins on popular numbers. The strategy is to simply look at the history board and bet on any numbers that have won more than once. As soon as the number disappears from the history board you just continue to bet on whatever numbers that remain “hot”.

These bets could be straight up bets for the highest return or as a part of line bets and column bets. Players can also use this strategy with even money bets on black/red high/low and even/odd.

I call this the “go with the flow” strategy.

Roulette Key Gold Software

The RKG software is a tool that players can use to keep track of numbers that have won. If you are testing out some of these roulette betting strategies, it might be helpful for you.

It has many features for various bet scenarios you can also use to develop, tweak and test your own strategy.

There are many youtube videos that show how you might try it out. Our “Another Two quick Wins at French Roulette Pro with RKG” post lists these video along with our reviews.

Elite Roulette System Software

There are a number of online sites and videos promoting an  “Elite Roulette System”. Our “Plus de 50 EUROS sur French roulette la partage” post recap two websites that offer the software.

Before you decide to play for one, I suggest that you try the free one located at this “Elite Roulette System” site. It gives you a free software download that they “Roulette Best Winning System with Roulette Moulette v2.40”.

It works quickly and easily. I love the “diagram info” screen that keeps a tally of numbers won in each columns, dozens, colors, even/odd and low 1-18/high 19-36 bets.

Special Bet Combinations

In “Static Bets On French Roulette Table | Roulette Tricks To Win 2020 | Roulette Tricks to Win More” we identify various video schemes that imply you have a better chance of winning when you make one or more special bets.

With software games you are not gaining edge, you are merely increasing the possibility of winning in a session. But that win comes with a cost that does not relate to a profit! The same is true for Live roulette, unless there is a wheel bias.

Roulette Picture Bets

Once you get going testing out tips and tricks you may find yourself making some very complicated bets. On my “Roulette Picture Bets” post you could use this trick to quickly identify potential profit and losses on each bet.

In essence, you look at a number of chips on the table and relate them to pictures with an associated total bet payout. This is a trick used by roulette croupiers to assure that they are making the proper payouts.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Betting Strategy  is a proven way to lose money. This negative progression betting strategy instructs players to pick a basic starting bet amount and to double bets after every loss.

This system would work if the roulette game did not have betting limits and if you had unlimited funds. It can produce short term wins. However, eventually you will encounter a losing streak that will lead you to very large bets to make very small profits.

With a basic $1 bet, you will net $1 after every win. But losing 7 times in a row is not that unusual. If you stick to even money bets, after 7 losses in a row you will have lost a total of $127.

That may not seem too terrible, but after 12 losses in a row you will have lost a total of $4,095.

You may be tempted to stop before you lose that much. But, no matter where you stop in the progression you need to have a lot of wins to make up for a single loss. Each added loss will set you back further.

Eventually, you will end up losing a lot more money than you will win. The built in house edge can not be avoided, it can only be delayed!

Bets and Losses With $1 Bets

Bet Number Bet Amount Total Loss
1 $1 $1
2 $2 $3
3 $4 $7
4 $8 $15
5 $16 $31
6 $32 $63
7 $64 $127
8 $128 $255
9 $256 $511
10 $512 $1,023
11 $1,024 $2,047
12 $2,048 $4,095

The above chart gets even scarier after 15 losses in a row. Even with a $1 bet you would have lost $32,767. If you played one round every minute, it would take you 22 days to win that back.

Other alarmingly high bet amounts would be a $10,240 bet on the 12th loss when starting with $5 bets for an accumulated loss of $20,475.

Reverse Martingale Betting System

A Reverse Martingale Betting System is a positive progression that has players double  their bets after every win. Players pick a basic starting bet amount and continue with that amount after all losses.

It is much more proactive than the original Martingale System.

However, if you strictly follow the system, each loss will wipe out all the wins in that series. That leaves you to make up for all those previous individual loess.

Players would need to modify the system to start doubling bets only after 1 or 2 wins, limiting the number of doubled bets or a combination of both.

D’Alembert Betting System

The D’Alembert System is flat negative progressive betting strategy where bet increases after losses.

Players start with a standard betting value of their choice called a betting unit. After every loss the betting units are increased by 1 unit. After every win, the betting unit is reset to 1 unit.

It is less risky than a negative progressive betting strategy like the Martingale system where bets are always doubled after losses. Short term wins are possible. However, over the long term, players will ultimately lose.

Table Limits

There are betting table limits to match every single budget out there. You can even find a minimum bet of $0.10 per spin or simply skip a bet and spin the reel with no money down.

If you are attempting to use a progressive betting system, by all means find a table with low minimums and high maximum bets. if you’re trying to win with the Martingale betting strategy this is a certain key.

Check out our Leo Vegas games post and you can find table limits as high as $50,000

James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond roulette betting system is another block bet strategy. In essence you are covering two-thirds of the numbers on the table. It includes a 14 unit bet on even-money high/low, a 5 unit bet on a line bet and 1 bet unit on the zero.

This strategy pays the most in French Roulette when the ball lands on zero because half of the even money bet is returned under the La Partage rule. It also works with the Hamburg Variant of European Roulette.

Casino Bonuses

Most players are tempted by the bonuses that casinos offer to new players. But it is critical that you read the terms and conditions of these offers in order to determine if they would be beneficial to you.

The two major factors are a wagering requirement and wagering contributions.

Slot games are most the profitable game to the casino because they have the highest house edge. The biggest bonus offers always apply to slot play. But for games like roulette, with a lower house edge, there will be more restrictive terms.

Some bonuses do not apply to table games.

If the bonuses are applicable to games like roulette, then there is usually a wagering contribution added to them. Since you know the house edge, it is easy to do some quick calculations to find out if they are profitable for you.

In my “NG European Roulette – With Hamburg Variant – Lowest Roulette House Edge” post I have done the math for you.

American Roulette Zeros Game Strategy

Most seasoned roulette players treat American roulette with a certain amount of disdain, and I am included in that bunch. But I recently discovered a video that shows an interesting twist to the game.

The reason American roulette is not favored very much is because it includes two green numbers – a zero and a double zero, which increases the house edge to 5.26%. This is in contrast to even money bets in French Roulette of 1.35%. So why would anybody in their right mind choose to play a game that favors the casino more?

But this American roulette strategy actually takes advantage of those two zeros by placing very low-risk bets. Everyone should know that casinos terms and conditions prohibit certain types of low-risk bets especially for roulette. So if you are going to attempt the strategy and it would behoove you to check out the rules first.

In this strategy basically what you are doing is placing a bet on both is Zero’s as well as a red or black or other even-money bet. In doing so you are hoping to get a 0 and get paid 35 to 1.

Since there are two green zeros you should expect to hit a zero at least two out of every 38 games. And of course every time that the ball comes up on your chosen even money bet it’s like a free Spin.

To see this method in action check out our post called “4 Live Roulette Games for USA players – With A Surprise Roulette Strategy”.