NG European Roulette – With Hamburg Variant – Lowest Roulette House Edge

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming LayoutThis is Wild!

European Roulette with the Hamburg Variant rule for even money bets gives you the lowest house edge of 1.35% compared to the regular European Roulette house edge of 2.7%. It is also approximately one fourth of the 5.26% house edge in American Roulette.

If you cannot find regular French Roulette, then by all means you should try to find a game of European Roulette with this favorable rule.

House Edge Even Money Bets
European Roulette with Hamburg Variant 1.35%
French Roulette 1.35%
European Roulette 2.70%
American Roulette 5.26%

The Hamburg variant of European Roulette works the same as the well-known European Roulette. Except this valuable rule gives you more gaming profits!

There is no rational reason why anyone should play American roulette when European Roulette is so readily available. No matter what type of betting system you use, the single 0 European game is going to give you a lot more enjoyable wins.

Hamburg Variant European Roulette

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming
Nucleus Gaming offers this European Roulette game version that beats the odds on regular European Roulette games.

Combine It With Your Favorite Roulette Strategy

The Hamburg Variant of European Roulette is especially helpful when you combine it with your favorite roulette betting strategy. Most betting strategies include even money bets. This is perfect for this roulette game version.

If you are tempted to play the Martingale betting strategy, this game version is a must. This is also an excellent “hack” for players who do not have access to regular French roulette games.

This is one of our favorite tricks that we’ve included in our roulette tricks checklist. You will not see any other people recommending this tip to increase your playing net profits.

James Bond Roulette Strategy Bets

14 Units on High

Nucleus Gaming - James Bond Roulette Strategy Bets 14 Unit High Numbers

5 Units on Line Bet

Nucleus Gaming - James Bond Roulette Strategy Bets 5 Units on Line Bet

1 Unit on Zero

Nucleus Gaming - James Bond Roulette Strategy Bets 1 Unit on Zero Bet

This game variation also works well with the James Bond roulette strategy and many others.


Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - Payouts

The payout schedule on this European Roulette version is the same as in all other roulette games. These range from 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, 8:1, 11:1, 17:1 and 35:1.

Game Overview

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - Game Overview

The game includes the standard single zero along with 36 numbers from 1 to 36.

How To Play

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - How To Play

You can play the game like any other roulette game. Choose your bet value and then click on the table area where you wish to bet. Click “spin” to play. Also, click “repeat” to place the same bets on the next spin.

Betting Options

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - Betting Options

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - More Betting Options

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - Still More Betting Options

The Betting Options are also the same. These include the straight up bet, split bet, street bet, corner bet, first four bet, line bet, column bet, dozen bets and the red/black even/odd/ low/high bets.

Betting Limits

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - Betting Limits

This game does not have a particularly high betting limit. The most you can bet on any spin is $100. Also, the minimum total bet per spin is $1. Each of the bet types also has different betting limits.

Betting Limit Types

There are three different betting limit types. Straight up bets on the zero, other Individual numbers, and row bets are $0.01 to $5. Betting limits on corner bets are $0.01 to $10, line bets are $0.01 to $20, columns & dozens bets are $0.01 to $50 and red/black even/odd high/low even money bets are $0.01 to $100.

# Type Max Bet
1 to 3 numbers Straight up, Split, Street/Row, Trio $5
4 numbers Corner Bets $10
6 numbers Line Bets $20
12 numbers Dozens, Columns $50
18 numbers High, Low $100



Game Controls

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - Game Controls
Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - More Game Controls
Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - More Game Controls
Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - More Game Controls - Spin Double
Hamburg Variant European Roulette - Nucleus Gaming - More Game Controls - Clear Undo

You will find that the game controls are intuitive and easy to navigate. You can easily find the icons for options settings, rules details, mute, paytable Information, Cancel, close, options, paytable, game on/off, bet decrease, bet increase, remove/add chips, spin, wager double, wager repeat, clear and undo.

International Players Welcome

But what good is a casino game if you can’t play it? Well, there’s good news on this front! The Wild Casino is open to players from all over the world.

Considering the fact that there are 195 countries in the world this casino restricts players from only 20 countries. This is more to do with the country’s regulations and restrictions than anything to do with the casino.

Restricted Countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mali, Malta, Myanmar, North Korea, Panama, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United Kingdom, Yemen, Zimbabwe,

At the Wild Casino, the minimum betting age is 18, but players should always adhere to regulations in their local jurisdiction. This includes the availability and taxability of any gambling winnings.

Casino Promotions

Every online casino offers marketing promotions to secure and retain players. The Wild Casino also has many opportunities for increasing your gaming account balance with bonuses and promotions.

Players also should keep in mind that these bonuses always come with rules and conditions that must be followed if you are to reap the benefit of being particular promotions.

One of these promotions also includes a referral bonus when you send your friends to play there. As with all promotions, none of them will increase the cost to play for you or for your friends. They are simply an additional marketing tool that increases customers and customer retention.

Referral Bonus: After you sign up as a player, you can use the handy email form at the casino site to send to your friends. The email contains a $5,000 bonus offer that includes your referral code for your friend’s use.

If they Register and deposit using that link, then you will get a 200% match that is worth up to $200. You can even send as many emails to as many friends as you like and collect as much free bonus money as you can.

Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement specifies how many times you must rollover your deposit & bonus by wagering them over and over again. This is usually reflected as a number such as 30x or even 80x.

For example, if your bonus and deposit is $100 is subject to a 30X wagering requirement, you must wager $3,000 in order to have fully earned the bonus and make your winnings subject to withdrawal.

All casinos have different wagering requirements. The requirements for slots and table games are usually different. Some casinos do not even allow table games at all for bonuses.

More Wagering Conditions

Players should always review all the bonus terms, conditions, and rules to find all relevant items before claiming bonuses and requesting withdrawals. These vary from casino to casino and may include these conditions and others.

  • All Deposits Have Wagering Requirements – This casino has also a 1x wagering requirement for deposits of all kinds, even when no bonuses are claimed.
  • Wagering Limits – This casino also has a max $10 limit per spin on slots and a $200 maximum bet limit on table games when using bonuses.
  • Time Limits – All casinos have time limits on using bonuses. You must satisfy the wagering requirements at The Wild casino within 30 days or the balance of the bonus will be forfeited.

Wagering Contributions

Another major bonus rule is that of wagering contributions. Everyone knows that slot machines provide the majority of the profit to the casino because they have a high house edge. You will find that all casino bonuses have the best terms for slots.

With games like roulette, the casino has a much lower house edge. It is also not unusual for all live casino games to be ineligible for bonuses. When a casino does allow bonuses for games like roulette, they will have an additional rule for these types of games. This is usually called a “wagering contribution”.

This means that only a percentage of the wagers that you place on these games counts toward the wagering requirement. The wagering contribution at the Wild Casino is 10% for roulette.

Hamburg Variant European Roulette - 10 percent wagering contribution

At first glance players might consider these rules to be predatory and all but impossible to satisfy. But you should realize that with roulette even money bets there is a lot of winning and losing going on. It is not impossible to satisfy the bones rules for these games.

It is critical to understand the bonus rules and their implications before you use any bonus codes.

If you’re going to use bonus codes you might as well use them to their fullest and consider the huge Bitcoin bonus opportunities. The 1st deposit bitcoin bonus is a whopping 300% match with a 45x wagering requirement. So if you deposit $1,000 they will give a $3,000 match for a total playing account value of $4,000 – now that’s a lot of playing time.

But if you still need more, you can also get 150% match worth $1,500 in bonuses on your next 4 deposits. But with the lower match rate, you also get a lower 30X wagering requirement.

New Player Bitcoin Bonuses

Match Rate Maximum Bonus Bonus Code
First Deposit 300% $3,000 CRYPTO300
Next Four Deposits 150% $1,500 CRYPTO150
Max Bonuses $9,000

In addition to the new player bonuses, there are always other ongoing bonus opportunities for players. This includes a Sunday and Wednesday bonus as well as $10,000 and $25,000 blackjack tournaments.

Ongoing Bonuses Min Deposit Match Rate Maximum Bonus
Sunday $100 50% $500
Wednesday $30 25% $250
Wednesday $150 50% $250

In addition to the very generous new player bonuses, repeat players will always have added bonus opportunities. The Sunday and Wednesday bonuses are just one of the great offers you can take advantage of to extend your playing time and playing funds.

Are Bonuses Worth The Effort

There is no question that a 300% and 150% Bonus Match is a nice offer. But does it really work to a player’s advantage? Let’s take a look at what is actually required if you are using maximum bonuses.

New Player Bitcoin Bonuses 1st Deposit Next 4 Deposits
Deposit $1,000 $4,000
Max. Bonus $3,000 $6,000
Total Funds $4,000 $10,000
Wagering Requirement 45x 30x
Needed Wagering $180,000 $300,000
Wagering Contribution 10% 10%
Total Wagering Required $1,800,000 $3,000,000
House Edge 1.35% 1.35%
Expected Losses $24,300 $40,500
Net Loss -$20,300 -$30,500

As you can see by the numbers listed above in our table, neither bonus offer is expected to be profitable when playing roulette. With only a wagering requirement, the bonuses would actually be quite profitable.

New Player Bitcoin Bonuses 1st Deposit Next 4 Deposits
Needed Wagering $180,000 $300,000
House Edge 1.35% 1.35%
Expected Losses $2,430 $4,050
Total Funds $4,000 $10,000
Net Profit $1,570 $5,950

But once the wagering contribution factor of 10% is applied, both bonus offers would end up in negative territory. But if you don’t like them, you don’t even have to use them at all.

In fact, in order for the bonuses to be profitable you would need some type of slot game where all of the wagering counts towards the wagering requirement. You would simply need to find games with a maximum house edge of 2.22% and 3.33%

New Player Bitcoin Bonuses 1st Deposit Next 4 Deposits
Needed Wagering $180,000 $300,000
Total Funds $4,000 $10,000
House Edge Needed for Breakeven 2.22% 3.33%

If you don’t like bonuses or if you feel that they will not be of benefit to your playing style, you do not have to use them. It is your choice

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

A remarkable 87% of the customers at the Wild Casino deposit using cryptocurrencies. But there is plenty of options including Moneygram, Credit Cards, Cashier Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, and QB-Direct. The Cryptocurrencies accepted here include Bitcoins, Ethereum,  Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Stellar as a quick and safe option.

However, for some people, a credit card is the preferred method of deposit. With this option, you can use MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa.

Deposit Options

Cryptocurrencies Minimum Maximum
Bitcoins $20 $500,000
Ethereum $20 $100,000
Bitcoincash $20 $100,000
Litecoin $20 $100,000
Ripple $20 $100,000
Stellar $20 $100,000


Credit Card Minimum Maximum
MasterCard $50 $5,000
American Express $50 $5,000
Discover $50 $5,000
Visa $50 $5,000


More Options Minimum Maximum
Bank Wire $300 $5,000
Bank Check $1,500 $15,000
Person to Person $100 $600

When you are ready to request a payout of your Casino Profits, the fastest, safest and no-cost method to do that is with cryptocurrencies. There was a low $20 minimum and a maximum $100,000 withdrawal limit per transaction.

Other withdrawal options include checks Bank transfers and person-to-person payment systems with various fees, minimums, maximums, and processing times.


So, you have the game and you have a place to play it for real. So why not give it a shot and incorporate this game into your overall roulette-winning strategy!



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