VIP Players and Rewards Clubs – Does Loyalty Have Its Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Leo Vegas VIP Experience

In today’s high-speed world of the internet with instant communication and an ever-changing environment, you may sometimes come to believe that loyalty is no longer rewarded. But that is not the case.

Even at online casinos, loyalty does payoff with VIP treatment and rewards.

Free and Easy Perks

One of the great things about these programs is that they are automatic perks for simply doing what you like to do, which is playing games. You do not have to keep track of anything or practice any strategy. All you need to do is play.

Added Earnings

None of these programs are going to make you rich. But they are an interesting offshoot and benefit of gambling. You may not even be aware of it, but it is definitely a factor that can enhance your overall playing and winning experience.

Works For Everyone 

You do not even necessarily have to be a high roller to get some of these perks. There are random player rewards that can crop up and reward you when you least expect them.


However, not all casinos have these reward programs. Even some of the top online casinos do not offer these programs. But as luck would have, our preferred online casino, Leo Vegas Casino, does offer a good program that I think you would be well advised to check out.

Other top sites like Cleopatra Casino and others do not! To find them, you usually simply need to head to the bonuses and promotions section.

Perfect for Roulette

Roulette is a perfect game for this type of program. It has a low house edge and involves a lot of winning and losing. This constant churning of money is ideal for players clubs where rewards are based on playing levels. But beware of program limitations as they apply to roulette.

Better Than Bonuses

After you review our “Casino Promotions” review and computations, you will realize that casinos fully recognize the player’s advantage of playing roulette over slots and other games.

But unless the casinos limit rewards points for roulette, this is one area in which players can benefit with no added effort! These VIP programs are automatic and can be working for you, even without your knowledge – until you get a “cool” reward you did not even know that you had due to you.

Leo Vegas Experience

Leo Vegas Rewards Status

The Leo Vegas Experience includes six VIP levels based upon the total accumulated wagering. Each month one lucky player is chosen from each group and given reward tickets to claim prizes. The higher the level, the more tickets are received.

Your level can e easily monitored if you elect to do so in your profile settings.

There are also other added benefits to this VIP program. These include exclusive invites to events as well as a dedicated account manager, special birthday rewards, monthly prize drawings, and rewards bonuses.

All of the added perks will enhance your overall enjoyment and income potential.


Zet Casino VIPS

Zet Casino VIP Levels

The Zet Casino clearly offers VIP benefits which you find prominently displayed on the home page top categories listing promotion, tournaments, and VIP.

The five levels of benefits are called alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and zeta. They are not as attractive looking as those from Leo Vegas, but they do offer cashback rewards of 5%, 10%, and 15% in the highest three levels. Higher monthly withdrawal limits, lower exchange rates, and a personal account manager are also benefits.

The terms and conditions for bonuses include a 10% wagering contribution for roulette. However, the cashback terms do not explicitly state any contribution reduction for roulette losses. It does say that there is a minimum 1x wagering requirement.

The cashback must also be requested by the player. Some casinos like Gossip Slots automatically send the cashback reward to the player’s account.

21 Bets Casino VIP Levels

21 Bets VIP Levels

At the 21 Bets casino, players receive VIP points at a rate of 1 point for every £16 in wagers. When you first join, your level starts at the basic Bronze level and then goes up to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond as you earn more points.

Levels are determined by the total accumulated points within the last three months. The points level range from 500 – 1,000 – 5,000 and 10,000. 

VIP Level Min. Points Wagers Needed
Bronze 0 0
Silver 500 £8,000
Gold 1,000 £16,000
Platinum 5,000 £80,000
Diamond 10,000 £160,000

The points can be converted to cash. Plus the higher benefits levels make you eligible for VIP customer support, a support hotline, birthday presents, a personal account manager, personalized gifts, and anniversary bonuses.

It is easy to determine if this VIP program is worth your effort and loyalty. Once you join, you get access to details and you can compare the value of the benefits to you against the potential costs you could incur to receive them.

VIP Level Cost
Silver £108
Gold £216
Platinum £1,080
Diamond £2,160

For example, if you play French Roulette and make even money bets, your expected “cost” (losses) to get to the first level would be 1.35% of £8,000 which is £108. Of course, you can fare better or worse than the expected house edge.

The terms and conditions also state that £ can also be “the currency in which you registered your account.

Mansion Casino VIP’s

Mansion Casino Exclusive VIP Party

At the Mansion Casino they take their VIP program seriously. At the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of the VIP program, you get three basic benefits.

  1. Regular Deposit Bonuses
  2. 24/7 Customer Service
  3. Exclusive Promotions

But once you progress to the VIP and VIP Elite levels you start to get some serious perks.

Added VIP Benefits

  • Personal VIP Account Manager
  • Loyalty Level Welcome Bonus
  • Special Gifts

Added VIP Elite Benefits

  • Personal Cashback Offer
  • Invitation to Exclusive VIP Events

VIP events in the past have included these stunners.

  • Attendance at the 48 Torneo Internacional de Polo in Spain with champagne, cocktails, hors d’oeuvre and more.
  • A 2-night stay at the Craxton Wood Hotel & Spa, spa treatments, dining, chauffeur service, and VIP tickets to The Grand National, Aintree races.
  • Ringside seats for the World Boxing Super Series with George Grove vs Chris Eubank Jr.
  • The Best of British dinner and a visit to the Les Ambassadeurs club in Mayfair.
  • Hospitality Box tickets to Bristol City, Newcastle United, and Millwall soccer matches.


There is no definition of what qualifies you to move into each of the different VIP levels. Membership is by invitation from one of the VIP staff.

  • Bonuses do have a higher than normal wagering contribution of 25% for roulette. However, “Low-risk Roulette bets” do not count toward the wagering requirement.
    • Bets covering 25 or more (67%) of the 37 unique number spots such as simultaneous bets on Red plus Black, Even plus Odd, and High plus Low numbers
  • The VIP program is also separate from the loyalty points program.

Loyalty Points

  • One loyalty point is earned for every $50 in roulette wagering which includes GBP, EUR, CAD, NZD, and CHF.
  • Low-risk even money roulette bets of red/black, odd/even, and low/high, do not count towards loyalty points.
  • There are five different levels of loyalty benefits. Your level is based upon accumulated unredeemed loyalty points. So you are better off saving up your points to get the highest reward ratio.

Loyalty Point Levels

Points level Cash bonus ($/£/€) Cost (points) $/£/€ bonus for every 100 pts
Bronze 1 100 1
Bronze 10 400 2.50
Silver 50 1,500 3.33
Gold 250 7,000 3.57
Gold 500 10,000 5.00
Platinum 1,500 20,000 7.50
Platinum 5,000 60,000 8.33

It takes a lot of wagering in roulette to earn loyalty rewards which can be converted to a cash bonus. It is especially important to know that even money bets do not even count towards the loyalty points program.

Max Cash Bonus $5,000
Points Needed 60,000
Wagering per Point $50
Wagering Needed $3,000,000

Let’s hope that you would become a VIP with that much wagering!

Goldenstar Casino VIP Program

Goldenstar Casino VIP Points

The GoldenStar VIP program also has six levels of VIPs based upon accumulated wagering.

  1. New Star: 0-149 points
  2. Bronze Star: 150-999 points
  3. Silver Star: 1,000-4,999 points
  4. Golden Star: 5,000-14,999 points
  5. Platinum Star: 15,000-29,999 points
  6. Black Pearl: 30,000+ points

The rate of earning points is based upon your currency,

  • 1 point for EUR 100.00 / USD 100.00 / BTC 0.01000000 / NOK 900.00 / AUD 140.00 / PLN 400 / NZD 150 / CZK 2,500 / CAD 140.00 / ZAR 1,500 / JPY 12,000 / KRW 130,000 / KZT 42,500

The points you earn can be converted to cash at exchange rates ranging from 15 to 1, 14 to 1, 13 to 1, 12 to 1, 11 to 1 and 10 to 1.

But is it worth it?

At the highest Black Pearl level, you need 30,000 points which means accumulated wagers of $3,000,000.

VIP Level Min. Points Max. Points Min. Wagering Max. Wagering
New Star 0 149 $14,900
Bronze Star 150 999 $15,000 $99,900
Silver Star 1,000 4,999 $100,000 $499,900
Golden Star 5,000 14,999 $500,000 $1,499,900
Platinum Star 15,000 29,999 $1,500,000 $2,999,900
Black Pearl 30,000 $3,000,000

With a 10 to 1 exchange rate you would get $3,000 cash. If you apply a 1.35% house edge to that $3 million dollars in wagers, you would have lost $40,500 playing roulette.

VIP Level Exchange Rate Min. Earned Max. Earned Min Cost Max Cost
New Star 15 $10 $201
Bronze Star 14 $11 $71 $203 $1,349
Silver Star 13 $77 $385 $1,350 $6,749
Golden Star 12 $417 $1,250 $6,750 $20,249
Platinum Star 11 $1,364 $2,727 $20,250 $40,499
Black Pearl 10 $3,000 $40,500

But, if you are going to gamble regardless of any VIP program, then you could consider yourself ahead by $3,000.


Does Loyalty Have Its Rewards

Yes, loyalty programs do provide benefits to players. But these perks are well earned and not a panacea for wealth building. However, they do not cost you anything extra to earn.

Plus, many people do value personalized attention and the prestige of VIP treatment!