Treasure Mile Casino: Live Roulette and 60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers + 180% Bonus Match

Treasure Mile Casino Live Roulette
Treasure Mile Casino Live Roulette

There is Live Roulette and software-based roulette at the Treasure Mile Casino. Both of them are, however, are European Roullete instead of the preferred French Roulette. They also have American Roullete, but there is no need to bother with that one because of the lower player odds.  New players can also get 60 Free Spins on the Small Soldiers Slot with bonus code WAR60 and a 180% deposit match bonus worth up to $1,800 with bonus code WAR180. This free spin requires no deposit! So at least new players can also get a nice real money bonus at no cost.

  • The big advantage with French Roulette is the lower house edge on even-money bets. But if you do not like to place those boring red/black bets, then European Roullete is just as good!
  • Neither the live or software roulette European Roullete games have the special race track bets table. But while those may be good for biased live roulette games, you are not likely to find a mechanically misaligned roulette table in a live roulette setting. So, once again European Roullete might also be just fine for you!
Treasure Mile Roulette Software
Treasure Mile Roulette Software

The live roulette games are provided by Fresh Deck Studios. The auto roulette option is also available. Both have a great range of betting table limits of $.50 up to $6,000 which is perfectly suited for 99% of all players.

The software roulette game has chip values of $1, $5, $10, $35, $50, and $100 which also suits most players. This table layout is also nicely laid out without a lot of extraneous space-wasting graphics making it perfect for mobile roulette games.

No Deposit Free Spin Slot Bonus

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers + 180% Bonus Match
60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers + 180% Bonus Match

No deposit free spins on slot games are also a great diversion from long hours of roulette play. Everyone likes a little fun now and then, so you might as well avail yourself of this freebie when you sign up. If you intend to play roulette, be sure to not accept the deposit match bonus as that will carry some game restrictions.

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers Screen Shot
Small Soldiers Screen Shot

The Small Soldiers slot game is also a nice game option to play with your free spins. It is a basic 5 reel and 3-row slot with up to 40 pay lines.

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers Bet Limits
Small Soldiers Bet Limits

Players can choose from coin values of $.01, $.05, $.10 and $.25 cents each and bet from 1 to 5 coins on each of 1 to 40 pay lines. This makes the minimum bet for this game to be 1 cent per spin when playing 1 $.01 coin on a single pay line. But players should up that coin value to $.25 and then increase the number pay line to a reasonable pe spins bet amount. This approach works best for games like this that payout in the number of coins, rather than in the total bet amount.

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers 40 Pay Lines
Small Soldiers 40 Pay Lines

For this same reason, betting on all 40 pay lines will generate a higher percentage of winning games, but it will not increase your total overall winning amount.

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers Wild Symbol
Small Soldiers Wild Symbol

The Wild symbols payouts as many as 6,000 coins when you get 5 of them together. This is when your high coin value works to your benefit.

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers Feature Game
Small Soldiers Feature Game

The feature game, however, payouts based on your total bet, not on your coin value. This does not dimension the advantage of the higher coin value since that also correlates to a higher bet amount.

60 Free Spins on Small Soldiers Free Spins Scatter Symbol
Small Soldiers Free Spins Scatter Symbol

Free games with a win multiplier are the best thing about slot games compared to games like roulette and blackjack. If you get lucky, all you have to do is sit back, hope, and watch as the game accumulates for you.

Treasure Mile Casino Games

Normally I do not spend this much time reviewing games that are not roulette. But they are a very popular part of online casinos. In addition to roulette and hundreds of slot games, the Treasure Mile Casino also offers blackjack (live and software-based games) live baccarat, keno, and almost a dozen video poker game variations.

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