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For Youtube Channel Building - Check out Tubebuddy and 30 free toolsYou will find that not all YouTube videos that are created equal in terms of quality, reliability and accuracy.

The videos that I have personally watched and reviewed include these below which have peaked  the interest of my site visitors, google search or myself.

I hope to save you a lot of time by reviewing these videos. Some of them are a complete waste of time, but you might still be tempted to click and watch because of a catchy title.

Still, others have little bit of value to them, if only because you are interested in seeing a particular software in action. Then there are the videos you simply need to avoid – those that lead you into “treacherous water” or are just plain “deadends”.

The ones that I have “reviewed” and listed below, do not necessarily contain “real” or “valid” strategies and systems. For those videos, I give you a recap of what the video is about.

They may be good or they just may represent a system or game that you have heard about. Sometimes I might even “deride” the videos message entirely.


Strategies and Systems

Strategy and Systems Software for Sale

Roulette Software for Sale


Minimal Value

Strategies and Systems

Suggests A Combination of Special Bets

Unexplained Strategies

Live Dealer Game Sessions

Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Game Sessions

NetEnt Live Dealer Game Sessions

Playtech Live Dealer Game Sessions

Ezugi Live Dealer Game Sessions

More Live Dealer Game Sessions

Other Videos of Minimal Value

Don’t Bother


Another Type of Game

Systems Repeats

Software Repeats

Links to Casinos

No Information or Nothing of Value


YouTube Video Posts

The below posts on our site include videos from YouTube that discuss French Roulette., I have not personally watched each one but they do cover aspects of the game that someone thought enough about to create and upload a video.

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