French Roulette with RKG Another Win!

“Now my balance is over the £270.00 I suggest for using £1 stakes.
I feel confident in placing 18 x £1 bets on the hidden even chance and doubling up when”

Video Recap

Another video on the “Secret Even Chance Bet” strategy. This is another French Roulette game session using “Roulette Key Gold” to keep track of numbers that have won.

Similar to videos: Betway French Roulette with RKG The Roulette App , Another Two quick Wins at French Roulette Pro with RKG. Once you have seen them you do not need to watch this one, unless you want encouragements to try to it yourself.

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Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: WinningRoulettePlayer
Length: 04:10
Upload date: 2020-05-11 10:49:05

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