Another Two quick Wins at French Roulette Pro with RKG


Video Recap

Demonstrates a game session using a “Roulette Key Gold” app that keep track of numbers won.

  • Waiting for a situation called the “Secret Even Chance Bet” or the “Hidden Even Chance Bet
  • Play the game with no bets and keep track of which numbers have not won yet.
  • When 18 numbers remain that have not won, you place a bet on each of those numbers.
  • This is supposed to give you a better chance that those numbers will come up very quickly
  • When you win, you go back to no bets and waiting until your “chance” comes up again to bet when 18 numbers remain un-won.
  • When you lose the bet, you double your bet on each number until you do win.

This follows a negative progression betting system like the Martingale system. The thinking is that you give yourself “an edge” until you wait for the right moment when “these numbers should come up”.

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Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: WinningRoulettePlayer
Length: 02:48
Upload date: 2020-05-11 14:02:38

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