Betway French Roulette with RKG The Roulette App

This is a short demo of RKG The Roulette App. The app only detects the one bet “The Hidden Even Chance” It appears in every game of roulette when 18 and only”

Video Recap

Promotes a “Hidden Even Chance Bet” system at the Betway Casino whereby you start to keep track of number that have come up. After 25 number have come up at least, there are then 18 numbers left to hit. This is where you bet on those 18 numbers until you win. You can bet whatever way you like. Just keep track  of which numbers are left after you start betting for them.

There is not a real science to this system because it assumes that numbers come up in a regular fashion. While this is not the case, it seems more logical than to keep betting on number that have already come up!

You can buy it on google play for $2.49 under the RKG The Roulette App. or try the Free 14 day trial of RouletteKeyGold”

Also referred to and similar to as Roulette Key Gold,  Even Chance bets, RKG Lite ”

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