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“There are many Best Roulette Strategy to Win in 2020 and many roulette casino live are played. Check this strategy our and win.

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Video Recap

There is no video audio and minimal on video text to explain the “trick”. Your clues are all in the video name. It suggests that playing certain combinations of bets and special bets gives you a better chance of winning more. There is no rational given as to why this is better than any other way. Therefore, no real reason to believe it will work rather than just by pure luck.

This video suggests a combination Jeu Zero & Voisins du Zero special bets.

There are many such strategy videos like this that contain no audio or description that is relevant to any purported “system”.

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Added Comments

  • They suggest that patience is required as they continue to use the same bet (snicker).
  • They also reference other video “tricks” you can watch (to increase their views counts and channel watch time).
  • None of them are of value.
  • Unless you want to see the account balance go up and down, there is no reason to watch anymore than a 10 seconds of this or any other of their videos.
  • I would call these videos a simple trick to earn more youtube ad income.



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