French Roulette at 888 Casino

888 French Roulette

At the 888 Casino players get an exclusive French Roulette software game developed by their in house Section8 Studio. Players can practice and develop their own unique playing and strategies for free and with no risk demo game play.

Utilize the special bets table to enhance your potential wins! Get ready for the real pay game and then try your own “beat the casino” scheme. It is all part of the gaming experience that players have enjoyed over the last 350 years.

Choose from High Limit French Roulette with bets from $5 to $2,000 or from the classic French Roulette with bets ranging from $1 to $2,000 – the choice is yours!

888 Live Dealer games

Live Dealer Roulette Games

There are a lot of roulette fans in the world and the 888 Casino attempts to give it to them with all flavors of Live Dealer roulette games with Roulette, Rapid Roulette, VIP Live Roulette, Speed Roulette, Roulette Macao, Deutsche Roulette, Deutscha Roulette, Roulette Italy, Roulette Italia, Roulette Russia, Roulette Turkey, Turkce Roulette, Roulette Silver, Classic Roulette, Auto Roulette, VIP Auto Roulette, Rapid Auto Roulette and Classic Auto Roulette. However there is no Live French Roulette!

Live Dealer Roulette Minimum Bet Maximum Bets
Roulette $0.50 $2,000
Speed Roulette $0.50 $2,000
Roulette Macao $0.50 $2,000
Auto Roulette $0.10 $5,000
Deutsche Roulette $0.50 $2,000
Roulette Italy $0.50 $2,000
Roulette Russia $0.50 $2,000
Roulette Turkey $0.50 $2,000
Roulette Silver $1 $15,000
Deutscha Roulette $1 $15,000
Roulette Italia $1 $15,000
Turkce Roulette $1 $15,000
Classic Roulette $1 $0.50
Classic Auto Roulette $0.25 $15,000
Rapid Auto Roulette $0.10 $15,000
VIP Auto Roulette $0.50 $15,000

Roulette Software

The 888 casino also offers roulette software for all budgets with Low Stakes European Roulette, European Roulette, High Limit European Roulette, Super Stakes Roulette, American Roulette and High Limit American Roulette.

Roulette Software Minimum Bet Maximum Bets
French Roulette $1 $2,000
High Limit French Roulette $5 $2,000
Low Stakes European Roulette $0.50 $300
European Roulette $1 $2,000
High Limit European Roulette $5 $2,000
Super Stakes Roulette $5 $15,000
American Roulette $1 $2,000
High Limit American Roulette $5 $2,000



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