Real Dealer Roulette Software with Special Bets


Real Roulette at Betsafe


The Malta based Real Dealer Studios offers European Roulette software with high quality dealer video footage and a French Roulette special bets table. Real Roulette with Bailey, Real Roulette with Caroline, Real Roulette with Sarati and Real Roulette with Holly are the initial four game versions.


  • The special bets racetrack table layout from French Roulette is added to the European Roulette game and gives players one click access to the classic Jeu Zero, Les Orphelins, Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre French strategy bets.
  • High quality video and game action simulate live dealer games and adds more relaxed betting.



  • The La Partage and En Prison rules from French Roulette are absent from these game versions which eliminates the lower 1.35% house edge for even money bets.
  • The computerized random number generator removes the possibility and appeal of a dealer or wheel bias from mechanical live roulette games. This removes the real advantage added with the special bets table.

Where to Play Real Dealer Roulette

The Betsafe Casino, Leo Vegas, Betway Casino, Party Casino and others offer these “Real Dealer” games that are not “Live Dealer” games.



They do add interest and added betting strategies to the usual European Roulette games. But without a potential for a dealer or wheel bias, the special bets table provides no actual game advantage. Live Dealer and software based French Roulette also both have a lower house edge for even money bets.

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