Premium French Roulette(3) using Roulette Key Gold

“I haven’t been able to include sound on this session.(yet)

So I don’t make it too boring I’ve skipped a lot of spins, but all the numbers are listed”

Video Recap

Another tout for the Roulette Key Gold software which attempts to find opportunities to place bet on numbers that have not won recently. As stated, there is no audio on the video so the details are in the description. It includes other video links with the same software as well as a mention of an Amazon kindle called “Online Roulette The Winning Rules” plus a link to his website.

If you are intrigued the RKG software, give the video a try, but you can find much better information elsewhere.


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Length: 03:14
Upload date: 2018-12-02 15:23:51

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