CasinoEuro French Roulette

“Live Dealer French Roulette im CasinoEuro
Limits: €2 – €50,000weitere Informationen unter:
CasinotestEU – dem größten unabhängigen”

Video Recap

Live Dealer French Roulette session in German with an English speaking croupier. No details beyond that given in the title and description. Extremely Minimal Value. The CasinoEuro does have NetEnt French Roulette software and even free play with no age confirmation (curious, given the new UK regulations).

English Translation of Website Error Code: “This site is currently unavailable”

English Translation of Description: “further information at: CasinotestEU – the largest independent online casino directory”


Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: CasinotestEU
Length: 01:29
Upload date: 2012-02-03 20:54:54

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