Live Dealer Roulette – Evolution Gaming French Roulette Gold Table

Here’s a copy of my Reddit post from a few days ago. Here, however, I include a link and note that this was from Casino Classic.

French Roulette Gold Table at Casino Classic
French Roulette Gold Table at Casino Classic

The basic layout of Evolution Gaming’s French Roulette Gold’s main betting table is similar to that of European roulette. The substitution with 4 French words is easy to understand.

  • Passe: High, numbers 19 to 36 (passed number 18, the center point)
  • Manique: Low, numbers 1 to 18 (failed to go past 18)
  • Pair: Even (peer)
  • Impair: Odd (odd)

The D12, M12, and P12 are also readily understood to be used for the third column of 12 numbers (Dernière douzaine ), the second column of 12 numbers ( Moyenne douzaine), and the first column of 12 numbers (Première douzaine).

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