Rhythm Roulette France : Ouz’One

“C’est dans sa boutique flambant neuve que Beatsqueeze a accueilli notre nouvel invité : Ouz’One.
Co-fondateur et membre du label 12 Monkeys Records, Ouz’One”

Video Recap

Rhythm Roulette is NOT a GAME betting system, it is a MUSIC style. Hopefully you won’t be surprised by more than one of these video while looking for a betting system to use on French Roulette. I do have a post called “Using Betway Roulette Tricks to Win in French Roulette” that does have some of those systems.

Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: Black Hoodie Men production
Length: 11:31
Upload date: 2018-09-13 15:52:50

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