Sessione di French roulette vincita – Metodo matematico

“ciao a tutti amici e benvenuti nel canale rinnovato. se vi fa piacere e volete aiutarmi a crescere, potete mettere like ed iscrivervi al canale. per”


Video Recap

Interesting sounding title and the French Roulette game is in Italian. But there is no method discernible from the bet placed. There is no description of any method or strategy. In fact, the description contains a lot of unrelated keywords. The channel is still alive but it doesn’t feature games. Minimal value!

English Translation of Title: French roulette winning session – Mathematical method

English Translation of Description: “hello to all friends and welcome to the renewed channel. if you like and want to help me grow, you can like and subscribe to the channel. for”


Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: Micro Revolution
Length: 08:29
Upload date: 2018-08-03 13:16:29

As of our post date this video had 2000 views, 5 likes and 6 dislikes.

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