“Game #trends in #Roulette can arise at any time. Permutations is an elegant term to describe bets against or for certain trends that arise in the game. These”

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A live dealer French Roulette game session in Spanish from Ezugi. The website does not offer a game strategy. Instead, it talks about generalized games aspects of European, but with no details or specifics. In the sparse mention of French roulette it gives only very brief information and does not even mention that the rules on even bets give it the lowest house edge bet in any roulette game variation. He does mention roulette strategies like “16 in the Cloth” and “La Nina Bonita” (The pretty girl) along with videos. But unless you can understand spoken Spanish, you will not learn anything from any of their videos (if they even contain anything more than a mere recitation of what is going on).

Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: Ruleta Europea
Length: 51:14
Upload date: 2019-10-30 16:50:31

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