Come Vincere alla Roulette Online french roulette nuova sessione con sistema “sinapsi”

“Ormai la certezza matematica del “sinapsi” e’ una garanzia per tutti gli utenti che sono in possesso di essa!
Ho voluto provare una sessione con la french, con”

Video Recap

Hot and Cold Numbers in French RouletteIn the top right corner of the NetEnt French Roulette game there is a list of the “Hot Numbers” and “Cold Numbers. However, he does not seem to playing with or against them. In fact, he placed bets on 2, 3, 14, 27 and 35 while also alternating bets on high/low, even/odd and red/black with no apparent reason.

He explains nothing, yet, he requests donations for his video “strategy”.

English Translation of Italian Video Title: “How to Win at Online Roulette French Roulette new session with “synapse” system”

English Translation of Video Description: “Now the mathematical certainty of the “synapse” is a guarantee for all users who are in possession of it! I wanted to try a session with the french, with a very low base speaker, “at least not recommended by me for the system””.


Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: systemroulette Italia
Length: 08:59
Upload date: 2020-02-07 17:02:32

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