Plus de 50 EUROS sur French roulette la partage

“50 EUROS réaliser en MOINS de “10 MINUTES” sur La french Roulette la partage en RNG. Avec Le RE MOBILE vous pouvez jouer sur n’importe quelles tables mais le”

Video Recap

Promotes a software system called “The Elite Roulette System“.  Unfortunately, the video is in French and the software is not really free (but read below and get one that IS free).

English Translation of Title: “More than 50 EUROS on French roulette la partage

English Translation of Description: “50 EUROS realize in LESS than “10 MINUTES” on French Roulette the division in RNG. With RE MOBILE you can play on any table but Live is still much better.
For more information contact Dany″ 

English Translation of Channel: “Hello friends, I am Dan and I am very proud to present our gaming software to you which will help you make profit at roulette! Play smart with Elite Roulette, this software based on the trend of methods.”


  • This video is uploaded on the “BSRoulette Channel”
  • In this video they refer you to another video which is not even from this channel
  • The referred channel has 810 subscribers and uploaded a video as late as a week ago. On their latest video they refer you to their website at ROULETTE ELITE where you read about it and can download their Elite Roulette System software for free. – however, it is password protected
    • Unfortunately, to use the software, their facebook group says (translated from French) ”
      In order to join this private group, you MUST HAVE RENTED (Paid a monthly subscription of $ 80) to the “Roulette Elite” software on our site ‘ Enter your Paypal address to enter.”
  • There is another Elite Roulette System site online that also offers a download of their software for free that is also called “The Elite Roulette System“. They call it “Roulette Best Winning System with Roulette Moulette v2.40”.
    • The free software is free and works. After you download the software, just click on it and it will immediately open and run for you.
    • As an option, you can enter your beginning balance and select the “win/lose” icon.
    • After a number is spun, you click on the corresponding number on the table layout.
    • A popup asks if have won and you answer “yes” or “no” and the software marks it in the win loss column and keeps track of your balance.
    • The great part is that you can also select “diagram info” that keeps a tally of numbers spun in columns, dozens, colors, even/odd, low 1-18/high 19-36 as well as win/loss.
      • This function is very handy tool if you use other betting systems.


Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: BSRoulette Channel
Length: 04:20
Upload date: 2019-04-23 10:43:43

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