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This is the closest thing to an “insider view” as you are likely to get without a lot of hype. The narrator speaks as a dealer and suggests that each dealer (croupier) has a certain a repeatable style of spinning the ball that causes it to fall in the same general area of the wheel.

This leads him to say that his players uses a “4-4 Bet Placement Strategy” as follows:

  • Using the last winning number, on the next spin you place a bet on the 4 numbers on the wheel that are located before and after it.
  • If you lose 5 times in a row, then stop betting until you get a new dealer.
  • If there is a “history board” you can also review the numbers and figure out where to place your bets.

I have often noted that most betting strategies and systems concentrate on the numbers that are on the table rather than the wheel. If there is wheel or dealer bias, then this system has some merit.


  • Some systems like this one say that due to game biases that “past wins” are “repeating” and that is where you should place your bets.
  • Other systems like the “secret even chance bet” say that in an ordered world, that “past wins” are non-repeating and evenly distributed, so you should place your bets on numbers that are “due to win“.

Both of these ways of thinking have similar systems for playing casino games like craps.

Note: There is voice over, but the only things in the description are the keywords above..

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