Lucky Samurai – Best Liberty Reserve Casino & LR Casino – Playing French Roulette

“Video about playing French Roulette in Lucky Samurai – The Best Instant Liberty Reserve Casino on the internet!

Lucky Samurai is the best LR casino on the web”

Video Recap

The video show a French Roulette game session purportedly from the Lucky Samurai website. But there is not a French Roulette game on their site. They have American and European roulette. All of the games are free play and not for real money. Two Liberty Reserve Casinos that I found where the Casino Moon Beach and Lucky Time Casino, both of which are closed down. So, there is no benefit to follow the links or falling in love with this French Roulette game version.

Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: LuckySamuraiCasino
Length: 01:28
Upload date: 2011-04-26 13:09:40

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