French Roulette | 1,335.00 EUR in ONLY 5 minutes (RouleGENIUS)

“This is a TUTORIAL where we’re showing how to use the RouleGENIUS roulette predictor and also give some useful advice in order to help you get some winnings by”

Video Recap

There is no audio but at least there are on screen notes. If you believe that a system really exists that can help you win, then you will probably buy access for €124.95 – However, I do not and would not!


  • The video is easy to follow and suggests that you will win.
  • The sales website is diverse and convincing.
  • Their youtube video are explained on their website and do include their rationale for the system.


  • The game is played here in FUN mode. No real money was won or lost. You can record as many 5 minutes game sessions as you like, until you get one that wins.
  • There are 55% of the numbers covered on each spin. You are more more likely to win on at least one number on every spin.
  • It is suggested that you wait at least one hour between playing session. Why! Does the casinos computer software detect that you are winning and then decides to cheat you? Does the machine need to “cool off”. Waiting any amount of time between game sessions only stretches out the laws of probability into segments that the mind can rationalize as being significant. Why 1 hour. Isn’t 53 minutes good enough. Would 2 hours and 30 minutes be better?
  • If you start to lose it is suggested that you change your betting system to an upgraded Martingale system.
  • The sales sheet says that you are only to get a maximum of 4 losses in a row with a 94.7% chance of winning if you buy lifetime access. It also says that you will fare worse if you buy 1 year and worse still if you buy 30 days of access. Why? It is the SAME system you would be buying. The only difference is time! That is a signal to me that in the short term you will lose a lot more than in the long term.


Note: I wish they had an affiliate program!


Video Source: YouTube
Uploaded by: RouleGENIUS Official Roulette Software
Length: 06:31
Upload date: 2020-07-12 23:25:41

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