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The Best FREE French Roulette APP for Android

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Overview

Finding the best app online is sometimes very hard. There are usually a lot of fake reviews and ratings which make the search process difficult, annoying and time consuming. So I have looked, downloaded and tested a lot of Android apps on google play that are supposed to play French Roulette. Below is what I have found to be the best!

The “FRENCH Roulette FREE” app on Google Play is the best free Android app for playing French Roulette. It also includes the special bets table layout and the La Partage rules on even money bets for a lower house edge. Upon registering, this game app gives you $100,000 in free coins to play immediately. The screen controls allow you to move around the game freely between the wheel, the main table and the special bets area. You can also use the controls to turn off the sound and resize the screen, 

There are of course occasional ads that popup. But they are not frequent, obnoxious or hard to close. With a simple 99 cent upgrade you can remove those ads from this French Roulette App.


Main Table

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App - Main Table Beting Screen

Special Bets

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App - Special Bets Table

The Special Bets table lets you quickly and easily place multiple bets with one click. It also allows you the freedom to explore different betting strategies by playing various combinations of the special bets. The origin doubtless come from the original French Roulette game which had more “wheel bias” due to uneven manufacture plus wear and tear issues which resulted in concentrated wins in certain areas of the wheel. With computerized software such as this, there is no issue of wheel bias. Rather, if you noticed an error in programming, then you might experience a “win bias” and profit accordingly.

On our “Special Bets in French Roulette” post we explain in a lot detail what these bets are all about.

The Serie 5/8 Special Bet

In this app, they call the first special bet “Serie 5/8”. When you click that spot on the special bets table you will automatically be placing a bet on 12 numbers using 6 chips. In French Roulette this bet is normally called the “Tiers du Cylindre” or “Thirds of the Wheel” bet.

  1. one split bet on 27 & 30
  2. one split bet on 13 & 16
  3. one split bet on 36 & 33
  4. one split bet on 11 & 10
  5. one split bet on 8 & 5
  6. one split bet on 23 & 24

These cover roughly one third of the numbers on the board that are located opposite of the zero on the roulette wheel.

The Orph Special Bet

The app shortens the “Les Orphelins” special bet to “Orph”. It is also know as the “Orphans” bet because it includes numbers not included in any other of the special bet.

  1. one split bet on 17 & 14
  2. one split bet on 17 & 20
  3. one split bet on 6 & 9
  4. one split bet on 34 & 31
  5. one straight up bet on 1

Five chips cover 9 numbers that are located on opposite sides of the wheel The first set is about 1/4 the of the wheel away from the zero.

The Serie 0/2/3 Special Bet

In French Roulette the “Voisins du Zero” special bet is also called the “Neighbours” bet because it covers the zero and almost half of the other numbers which are nearest to the zero.

  1. one split bet on 0 & 2
  2. one split bet on 0 &  3
  3. one split bet on 32 & 35
  4. one split bet on 15 & 12
  5. one split bet on 19 & 22
  6. one split bet on 4 & 7
  7. one split bet on 21 & 18
  8. one corner bet on 25, 26, 28 & 29

Normally, seven chips cover 17 numbers that are located on opposite sides of the Zero on the wheel The first chip is usually a trio bet covering the 0, 2 and 3. However, in this app, one chip is placed on the zero & 2 and another one chip is placed on the zero & 3.

The Zero Special Bet

The “Jeu Zero” or “Zero” special bet uses only four chips to cover 7 numbers. This includes the 0 and numbers close to the zero including 2 numbers to the right and 4 numbers to the left.

  1. one split bet on 32 & 35
  2. one split bet on 15 & 12
  3. one straight up bet on 26
  4. one split bet on 0 &  3


Number Statistics

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Number Statistic

If you are trying to test a strategy, this screen will be a tremendous help to you. This displays the last 28 spins of the wheel and gives you the percentage red/black/green numbers as well as how many time each number has come up.

In this example, depending upon your mindset, the wheel favors the color black or the wheel is ready to hit red. Similarly the number 7 and 27 have been “hot”. But since this a computer game, there is no wheel bias and should you stay away from those numbers and bet on others that have not come up! However, had you bet on all the numbers that have hit twice, you would have placed two winning bets on number 27.

Statistics can be used to prove a point and at the same time dispute it.

Bet Amount and Spin Control

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Bet Amount and Spin Controls

  • Chip Values = $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, $10000
  • “-” and “+” decrease or increase the per chip values
  • “SPIN” = spin the wheel

Balance Bet and Win Indicator

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Balance Bet and Win Indicator

On the bottom left of the screen you will always find this intense looking guy that gives you a current update of how much is left in your bankroll as well as what your latest bet was and how much you won or lost. There is more than enough “free” starting money on this app to keep you playing for free for months. But if you need to “top it off” and get more credit, you would need to buy some more!

The Win Screen

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Win Notice

It is always good to see this “win” notice popup after the spin. You get your bet amount, win amount and net win values after each spin is complete.

The Lose Screen

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Balance Bet and Lose Indicator

It is never fun to see a “you lose” notice show up, even if it is “fake money” that you got for free. Simply keep on plugging away. Maybe you need to reduce your bet amounts until you win more. I don’t advise doubling up after losses. You can also check out our “systems” category for ideas.

Top Controls

FRENCH Roulette FREE - App Controls


  • Music = turn the sound on or off.
  • Headphones = not needed, just plug it in
  • Arrow = tap to increase your bets by one unit
  • Dust Pan = reminds you of the last winning number
  • X2 = repeat your previous bet
  • Graph = opens up the “number statistic” screen
  • “+” = allows you to or prevents you from changing the screen size with your fingers
  • Four Arrows = allows you to or prevents you from moving around the screen with your fingers
  • “X” = When you are in the “number statistic” screen it will bring you back to the main screen. When you are in the screen it will ask if you want to “exit” the app by tapping the “nor” or “yes” popup.
  • Pie = when activated it will automatically spin the wheel every minute,
  • Shopping Cart = If you have upgraded to remove ads this icon will disappear. It will reappear when you run out of money.

What You Will Like About This App

When you open the app, the game is ready to play. It will pop right up to the screen where you can place your bets by simply clicking in the spot you want. There are no distracting advertising or tutorials that you need to wade through before getting to the actual game play. After you have played a while, an ad will popup, but you can easily get rid of it with a simple click (or pay 99 cents to eliminate them completely).

Easy To Play

The default bet amount is $1. So just click the spots the want and press the spin button. then the screen shifts to the left and you can hear and see the ball spin.

Once the spin is done, a popup tells you if you have won or lost, displays the winning number, the total amount you bet, how much you won/lost and what your net profit or loss was. It is a big screen too so you do not have to squint to see anything.

After the pop up goes away, the screen shifts back to the table and betting area. If you want to repeat your bet, simply click on the x2 button and then the spin button. It is so easy!

Who Should Play

This app is best for the person that wants to play French Roulette and only French Roulette without a lot of distractions. The specials bets area will let you easily select different combinations for your own unique playing strategy.



This app has all the basic controls and features you need to play a successful game of French Roulette. It gives players the opportunity to play and practice at no risk to themselves. This is a “social media” type game that is for “entertainment purposes”. Unless you want to use real money to buy more “game play” there is no real money or prizes involved.

Where To Get It

The “FRENCH Roulette FREE” app is a free google play download, just Click Here to get it.


App Tips

If you are like me and do not appreciate “paying” for “free” apps, you can easily earn enough credits to pay for them with the truly free “Google Opinion Rewards” app. It is a very legitimate app that will alert you when a survey is available for you to answer.  These are NOT time consuming or annoying, It takes less than 10 seconds to do it and you are immediately credited to your play account.


PS: I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I have never understood why people are willing to use real money to buy fake money credits. You are given $100,000 in fake money to begin – isn’t that enough?

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