Why You Should Love Dollys

Hello Dolly

You may be long past the stage of playing with dolls and action figures. But if you play French Roulette, you definitely want to have a dolly sitting on your chips. Discover below why every player wants a dolly near them!

A “dolly” is the marker that a croupier places on the winning number in roulette. Once the dolly is placed on the winning number, players are not allowed to touch chips on the table until after the croupier is finished collecting losing bets and paying off winning bets. A popular maker was a round white piece of plastic, but now they come in a wide range of colors, shapes and materials.

Everyone wants to be a winner, don’t they?  Well then, everyone should love dollies. In a live roulette game, it is a super feeling when that croupier nears your number and covers it with a dolly.

I’ll bet that the first real dolly was even a regular stone  that casino operators picked up off the street.

Winning Dolly in
NetEnt French Roulette

Winning Marker in NetEnt French Roulette - Click here to Play It at Leo Vegas online casino

In the popular NetEnt French Roulette game software, the winning marker is simply a blinking yellow double circle.

Winning Dolly in
EvoPlay French Roulette

Winning Marker in EvoPlay French Roulette - Click here to play it the Cleopatra Casino

In the EvoPlay version of French Roulette, the winning marker is plain squat marker.

Winning Dolly in
RedRake French Roulette

RedRake Gaming Winning Marker in French Roulette - Click here to check our post as to where you can play for real

The winning maker in RedRake’s French Roulette is colorful yellow marker that stands tall and proud.

Winning Dolly in
World Match French Roulette

World Match Winning Marker French Roulette

In World Match French Roulette games they dispense with covering the winning number. They show you where and how much you have won . I like that much better, unless I am trying to keep track of winners for some particular playing strategy I might be following.


Now, aren’t you glad you know more about dollies and market?


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