The Top 8 Reasons Players Gambled During Covid-19 Lockdowns

Last year, when people were isolated in their homes, many of them turned to online gaming. But the reasons they gambled online may surprise you.

In a survey of 3,013 citizens, the French gambling regulator, L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux, conducted a survey called “Gambling and Confinement”. In their report they discovered a number of surprises.

Of these answers, four (Take Mind off Covid 19%, More Free Time 14%, Bored 12%, Saved Money 6%) were directly related to the covid-19 pandemic. All of those reasons make total sense to me.

Reasons Players Gambled
During Covid-19 Lockdowns
Win Money 57%
Habit 43%
Take Mind off Covid 19%
More Free Time 14%
Bored 12%
Need To Play 9%
Saved Money 6%
Past Success 4%

However, I would have guessed that more people gambled because they were simply bored staying at home.

I would also have suspected that vast numbers of players turn to gambling because of covid-19. But, it was revealed that only 5% of the players said they had not gambled in the previous year.

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