Roulette vs Blackjack – Which Game Is More Popular

Roulette vs Blackjack Popularity

Let’s solve the debate as to whether blackjack or roulette is the more popular casino games.

Search Results
Blackjack Blackjack Google Searches
Roulette Roulette Searches on Google

At the basic level, Blackjack returns more than 58 million search results on google. However, roulette has much bigger search results at 117 million searches. But that is not the end of the story.

Russian Roulette Skews The Results

One factor that could explain the huge discrepancy is the issue of Russian Roulette. Everyone knows that the game of Russian Roulette this generally played with a revolver with only one bullet.

Roulette Search Results without Russian Roulette

At 32.5 million searches, Russian Roulette is seemingly a very popular game. It has about 2/3 of the search volume as blackjack.

The Search Winner is Roulette

With more than 84 million search results for Roulette, compared to almost 59 million for Blackjack, the clear winner is Roulette. This mean that players are roughly split 60/40 Roulette to Blackjack!

60% Roulette Players vs 40% Blackjack Players


I was actually surprised at the results.

But my original misconception is probably due to the fact that I am from the US. Whereas roulette is undeniably more popular in Europe.

The subject of Blackjack also includes the very popular aspect of card counting and playing Blackjack strategy. But roulette also has a number of quirky strategies, especially as it relates to French roulette bets.

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