Blackjack Baccarat Roulette and Craps – The Best Odds & The Best Bets

Slot machines have a well-earned notorious reputation for having the worst game odds in the casino. Their only advantage is that you do not need any type of skill to play them.

But if you want to win more and lose less, you are better off playing table games. But which table games are the best?

There was a lot of misconception and myth concerning the house edge and player odds in the four best casino table games.

The most important decision you must make is to choose the correct game version. There are many variations of blackjack games, three major variations of roulette and one commonly accepted version of baccarat and craps.

Once you have selected the best game version, the second most important decision is the type of bet you should be placing on each of those games.

Below are the best versions and the best bets for those top 4 games

  1. Blackjack – house edge .5%
  2. Baccarat – house edge 1.06% on Banker Bets
  3. French Roulette – house edge 1.35% on Even Money Bets
  4. Craps – house edge 1.36% on Don’t Pass Bets


Blackjack Baccarat Roulette and Craps - The Best Odds & The Best Bets

Pick The Best or the Easiest To  Play 

Of the four games, Blackjack is the only one that requires a lot of skill in order to achieve the best and lowest house edge. So if you don’t have the skill or the the patience to learn blackjack strategy you are better off choosing another game.




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