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NG European Roulette – With Hamburg Variant – Lowest Roulette House Edge

This is Wild! European Roulette with the Hamburg Variant rule for even money bets gives you the lowest house edge of 1.35% compared to the regular European Roulette house edge of 2.7%. It is also approximately one fourth of the 5.26% house edge in American Roulette. If you cannot find regular French Roulette, then by…

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European Roulette Hamburg Variant – Better than European Roulette & Almost as Good as French Roulette

In the Hamburg Variant of European Roulette, players get back one half of their even money bets when the ball lands on zero. This reduces the house edge to 1.35% for even money bets, the same as in French Roulette. This is advantageous in any betting strategy using even money bets such as the James…