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Software Games vs Live Games

Roulette has always been the darling game of Europeans for centuries. Now, anyone with a computer connection has to merely click to access the best casinos and game options as never before. In addition to the ubiquitous software games, players can also play and enjoy the experience of Live Dealer games from home at anytime of the day.

Live games can only be played with real money. But those free play games will give you the confidence and skill you might be lacking.

Best Returns

Why settle for mediocre returns with European or American Roulette when you can step up to French Roulette with the lowest house edge on any roulette game around. Even money bets in French Roulette have a lowly 1.35% house edge.

  • Compare that the 2.7% house edge in European roulette.
  • The American Roulette house edge of 5.26% is almost embarrassing.

Special Rules

The La Partage and En Prison rules are only available in the French Roulette game version. These two rules are extremely advantageous to players. When the ball lands on zero you would normally lose your even/odd, red/black and high/low bets. But in French Roulette, the results are much better

  • The La Partage rule lets you keep half of your bet.
  • The En Prison rule allows you to carry the full bet forward to the next spin.

Easy To Understand

The game of French Roulette may be unknown or mysterious to you because of some unfamiliar French phrases. But that simply adds a little extra flair to the game. They are easy to understand and grasp.

On the main betting table, the bets are the same as those in other roulette games

  • Rouge – Red
  • Noir – Black
  • Pair – Even
  • Impair – Odd
  • Passe – High
  • Manque – Low
  • Douzaine – Dozen
  • P12 & Premiere – First dozen
  • M12 & Milieu – Second dozen
  • D12 & Derniere – Third dozen
  • Colonne – Column
  • Plein – Straight bet
  • Cheval – Split bet
  • Transversale Pleine – Street bet
  • Carre – Corner bet & Square
  • Quatre Premier – First Corner
  • Transversale Simple – Line bet

Special Bets Table

French Roulette has always been user friendly, even before the phrase was ever used in computers. In the classic French Roulette game there is an additional oval betting table, often called a racetrack. This deceptively simple table should be a star component in your understanding the real nature of roulette and the benefits of the French version..

This table gives players the ability to place 4 different complex special bets with one single click.

  1. Jeu Zero – Zero Game Bets are bets on zero and a few numbers on the wheel close to it.
  2. Voisins du Zero – Neighbour Bets are bets on zero and about half of the numbers on the wheel that are close to it.
  3. Tiers du Cylindre – Thirds of the Wheel bets are bets on about one third of the numbers on the wheel that are directly across the zero.
  4. Les Orphelins – The Orphan Bet are bets on numbers not included in the other three special bets and are two sets of numbers on the wheel facing each other about one fourth of the distance from the zero.

Additional Betting Strategies

French Roulette is a strategy bettors dream game. Game developers have added pre-determined betting strategies to their software. NetEnt not only has the regular special bets table, they also have 35 bet strategies built into their software.

There are so many that we had to break them apart into 3 different posts for you.

  • Part 1 – Red Splits, Black Splits, Les Orphelins Plein, Finale Plein 0, Finale Plein 1, Finale Plein 2, Finale Plein 3, Finale Plein 4, Finale Plein 5, Finale Plein 6, Finale Plein 7, Finale Plein 8,
  • Part 2 – Finale Plein 9, Les Voisins du Zero, Les Tiers du Cylindre, Finale Cheval/Plein 0/1, Finale Cheval Plein 1/2, Finale Cheval Plein 2/3, Finale Cheval Plein 3/4, Finale Cheval Plein 4/5, Finale Cheval Plein 5/6, Finale Cheval Plein 6/7, Finale Cheval Plein 7/8, Finale Cheval Plein 8/9,
  • Part 3 – Finale Cheval Plein 9/10, Finale Cheval 0/3, Finale Cheval 1/4, Finale Cheval 2/5, Finale Cheval 3/6, Finale Cheval 4/7, , Finale Cheval 5/8, Finale Cheval 6/9, Finale Cheval 7/10, Finale Cheval 8/11, Finale Cheval 9/12,


French Roulette Apps

I promised you free French Roulette with No Downloads Needed and No Registration Required. However, we would be remiss if we did not tell you about the best free French Roulette app for Android devices. I like it so much a paid 99 cents to remove the occasional ad that pops up.


I hope I have explained enough about why I think you would want to play French Roulette for free. I believe that this is the best way for you to understand how to play and how to bet and that it will help you to become a better roulette player.

That should amount to more wins for you, especially if you decide to play for real!

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