Roulette Online Session #16 on BetOnline: ZERO Comes out FIVE TIMES! Bankroll Goes Below $1500!! – Roulette Game Videos

“Betonline Complaints: CEG Dealer School link on “how to play Roulette”: Brian Dempsey’s YouTube Channel on “How I Bet When I Gamble”: Spencer Cornelia’s”

Thank you for viewing this video. We hope you discovered something helpful. Be sure to view the whole video and browse added tips. Roulette is a super game, whether you choose Live Dealer or software based game versions. Video Source: YouTube Uploaded by: BlackJackHammer21 Length: 32:52 Upload date: 2022-02-02 04:59:44 As of this post date, this Youtube video has 242 views, 5 likes.

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